How to Fix MS Office Error 1935?

MS Office is the leading software tool for the purpose of management, recording, and distribution of data. Individual around the Globe use it in their offices and also in the homes. Few years ago, this software has improved by bounds and leaps from their version 1.0 all the way to Office 365. But, many individuals report that the MS Office Error 1935 disturbs the entire experience on the Outlook.

Office Error 1935?

Follow the Steps given below to find a comprehensive instructional guide and then you’ll be able to fix this error by yourself.

What Causes the MS Office Error 1935?

The most common cause for this error code is the compatibility of the Software issues. If the version of MS Office which you’re using is not compatible with the operating system in your PC then this error may show up.

Other than that, a corrupt file within the OS can also be responsible for such error code messages. But, the main reason behind the MS Office Error 1935 is that it is out of the Microsoft .NET framework or corrupted. Whatever may be the case, an error is fixable with the exact troubleshooting instructions.

Methods to Troubleshoot the MS Office Error 1935

The methods you can try to fix the MS Office Error 1935 with ease are listed below.

Method 1: Download and Install the Microsoft .NET Framework

If the Microsoft .NET framework is not obtainable in your device, download and installs the file online. Go online and from the Microsoft Download Center, download this file. After that, run the specific setup file as the administrator. Check the option of acceptance agreement and then click on the “Install” button. Finally, click on the Exit option after the fixation is done. Then install the MS Office.

Method 2: Establish the NET Framework 2.0 Software Development Kit

Once, you need to visit the Microsoft Download Center. From there, download the file for this. Select the one compatible with your operating system (x64) for a 64-bit operating system and (x86) for a 32-bit one. Run this file as the Administrator and keep choosing the Next button from there onwards to carry on with the process of installation. Check the box for the acceptance agreement when it comes up. Now, click on the Install button and after that click on the Finish to complete this installation. When all is done with the NET framework 2.0 SDK, install the MS Office.

Fix the Microsoft .NET Framework

If you have a defective Microsoft .NET Framework in your device, then you will get the MS Office Error 1935.  So, now you are in need to repair the software working. For this method, Firstly, Go to the Run dialogue box and type appwiz.cpl. Doing that will open all the software and the features panel. From there, find and choose the Microsoft .NET Framework and click on the Change/ Uninstall. Run the repair as the administrator and choose the Repair option and wait till the repair process is ended. Once it’s done after that have a click on the Exit and installs your MS Office.

Get Connected with MS Office Technicians to Resolve Issues

If you have tried both these methods and it didn’t work, then there might be some serious issues with your device. And if you aren’t assured in dealing with these technical issues on your own, go through Once you opt for that, you’ll have experienced professionals to handle your issue. Thus, it will be solved in no time at all without any adverse effects.

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