How To Stop Windows 10 Update While In Progress?

Everyone knows that the updates of Windows 10 play a crucial role in making your system safe from hackers. It even provides new features. And allows your system to work smoothly. But the exception always exists. Sometimes it might create problems.

The best ways of stopping update of Windows 10 while it is in progress

The method of canceling a Windows Update the time it is getting downloaded

  1. Firstly, find the Control Panel. You will get it in the search bar of Windows 10.
  2. Then, click on the suitable option.
  3. After that, press the System and Security by visiting the menu.
  4. Next, press on Security and Maintenance.
  5. Then, tap Maintenance for getting the options related to it.
  6. Lastly, click on Stop Maintenance. It will be mentioned below the Automatic Maintenance.
  7. Now, your update setting would have stopped.

The method of canceling Windows 10 update completely

  1. Firstly, write ‘Services’ in the search box of Windows 10.
  2. Then, Right-click on the suitable option.
  3. After that, click on Run as administrator.
  4. Next, move downwards in the list of Windows services.
  5. Then, look for Windows update.
  6. After that, check whether Windows Update is running.
  7. Next, do right-click or long press on it.
  8. Then, press on Stop option. You will get it in the displayed menu.
  9. For ensuring that the service does not get started ever before you permit it, do a right-click or long press one more time after that, choose Properties from the menu that gets displayed on the screen.
  10. From the drop-down menu immediate after the Startup type choose any one of the two options. The one option is Disabled, and the other is Manual. Select it according to your preference.

Note: For doing the opposite, i.e. allowing updated for getting downloaded by itself one more time, require to do the same steps that have been mentioned on top. But after choosing Properties, put the Startup kind to ‘Automatic.’

The method of canceling Update of Windows in Windows 10 Professional

Remember! Sadly, it will not be present in Windows Home edition. So before doing there steps you need be sure enough that you have Windows 10 Professional or not.

  1. Firstly, press the combination of Windows+R.
  2. Then, write ‘gpedit.msc.
  3. After that, press OK.
  4. Next, go to Computer Configuration.
  5. Then, click on Administrative Templates.
  6. After that, press on Windows Components.
  7. Next, click on Windows Update.
  8. Then, press on Configure Automatic Updates.
  9. After that, go through the toggle options. It will be on the left side. Choose Disabled.
  10. Next, press on Apply.
  11. After that, press OK.

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